The Wrath of a Certain Eternity

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright ©11/12/2013

rev. 2  24/4/2014

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We are often  oblivious to how dire the plights of some really are and this is no understatement, let me explain, most are not aware of the implications of the following:

  1. All that has ever taken place is recorded in the universe.
  2. We are proof that information can be organised to create physical models of entities capable of self-consciousness with a unique identity.
  3. As there is no objective scientific means to prove that mind is the product of the brain i.e. it is impossible to determine if mind uses the brain or is produced by the brain,  consciousness may very well be THE universal physical constant.

Theoretically the above is more than feasible,  because without consciousness nothing can be affirmed and nanotechnology is bringing us closer and closer to being able to create four dimensional models (space and time) of anything indistinguishable from its original, as well as providing the capability to store, in an accessible format,  as much or more information as required to impregnate any model with not only consciousness but also with knowledge of other such models.   Nature shows us that this is the case, we are close to storing the data of a laptop in a single biological cell and cloning illustrates that the ratio of data storage required to create a higher organism can be lower than 1: 1013

But now there is growing evidence that all that has been is recorded in matter now thought to have a new state called "consciousness".  This idea that consciousness is a physical subatomic fabric present throughout all the universe is not new to me,  the work of anesthesioligist Stuart Hameroff,  has shown that neurons apparently are made up of this very fabric.  The analogy that comes to mind is that of neurons being knots of this fabric like knots made by pinching and twisting areas of an infinite cloth creating a sort of temporary separation, that when it becomes undone ceases to exist, yet all the information caught in that area remains.  Thus it would seem that  consciousness can maintain awareness of the "I" that arises from the separation because even undone the information is recorded, although one would presume that absent such "knots" in the fabric,  that the corresponding  "I" would dissipate unless of course there is a power capable of recording the I.  

Therefore, it is technically conceivable that given all information of any event is “stored” in the universe in perpetuity, theoretically each and every one of us can be sufficiently reconstituted to the extent of being self conscious of our identity and a host of details of our past including any amount of knowledge previously unknown to us.   In an infinite universe, such is tantamount to having an eternal soul vulnerable to an unending contemplation of the summation of all our acts in past lives.   This means that every wrong act we commit that is not redressed adequately,  can potentially haunt us forever.  Now, If that takes place in company of other such souls capable of peering into ours as we do into theirs,  then depending on the nature of our deeds our eternity will be more or less bearable as the case may be.  Consider the following:

In the case of I poking you in the eye today and at any point in eternity others being able to see that act in all its detail and circumstance, but whatever those may be, such an act still does not carry such significance to have them overlook other acts of mine such as how well I may have cared for a sick friend in his moment of dire need.   In contrast, now imagine that instead of poking you in the eye,  I kill and maim millions, destroy the life support for millions of others all on the basis of lies,  could such evil be displaced by an eternity of hugging my child, giving to the heart fund or entertainingly charming others?  

Imagine an eternity of bumping into souls that look into yours and are constantly overwhelmed by the irremediable monster you were, every contact has you replaying in your minds eye the horrors of your unfathomable deeds, imagine this in light of the privileges, comfort, warmth, safety and wholesome nourishment you enjoyed and claimed but for what comparatively was just a fleeting moment, yet the crimes of that fleeting period become the eternal defining property of your person, now recreated from the data that was at one time seemingly irretrievable.  Because in the same comparative brevity of that short fleeting life of luxury and privilege, you managed to achieve such colossal suffering that even an eternity cannot redeem and even if you begged to suffer a practical eternity as an amoeba, you could not make amends because the life of a higher order being,  is worth more than 1013 amoebas popping in and out of existence. 

Suddenly,   by making the prospect of an eternal soul a technical and even probable reality instead of an irrational fairy tale,  one contemplates the price of awareness of our actions both in terms of what it can deliver us in the short term and what it means in the light of a Wrath of a Certain Eternity.




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