If Only "They" Knew...

By Marc Gauvin (c) 12/4/2014

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If only the Zimbabweans knew the truth about the true science of money,  they would not be groveling for 0.1 grams of gold dust to purchase a loaf of bread.  

If only every taxi driver, waiter, teacher, maid, chauffeur, secretary, cook, pilot, stewardess and steward,  mail-person,  technician, entertainer, soldier, police-person, son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin, friend, acquaintance, father, mother, grandparent etc. etc. took the time to learn and understand money (about 1 hour of the life of people of average intelligence that are honest), they could tell and continuously remind those few among us that perpetuate "The Money PSYOP", that we won't stand for it any more... that we don't admire them, we don't respect their purpose, we don't believe their words,  we won't listen to their inane chatter,  serve them, sit with them, talk to them, help them, support them, repair their things, wash their clothes,  cook their food, clean up after their excesses, entertain them etc.  etc.... All because we ALL now know the simple truth about money,  we see through their false paradigm and that their (foolish) happiness can no longer be at our expense. 

Like stern, just and wise parents we all must tell these insignificant, impetuous, selfish, arrogant, insolent, conceited, mediocre, anti-social, shallow, bullying, abusive, self righteous, self important nincompoop gollums and all their groveling flip-flopping, self-serving/sell-out cohorts that the gig is over, we ALL now understand, their party is over and their "Money Standard" is a logical and scientifically proven intellectual aberration and therefore cannot under any circumstance imply any legitimate moral imperative or enforceable obligation.

Want to join in a focused world scolding of these nincompoops by asking them a few intelligent questions? Warning, you will have take a little time to learn, but if you know how to read and want objective truth you should have this stuff under you belt in days if not hours (only independently evaluable tried and proven science applies i.e. we invent nothing): 

  1. Do they know that ALL money systems are elementary Discrete Linear Time Invariant (LTI)?
  2. Do they know that because money systems are LTI, then their stability can be determined by standard tried and proven LTI control and stability science?
  3. Do they know that in order for stability of money all that is required is that Stable Currency Unit Theorem be applied?

If they don't know any of the above and because control theory is proven and tried in modern information technology science and therefore is as undeniable as it is available to study and learn by anyone (Google it please),   then they must be disqualified from any position of authority or influence on any money matters that can affect the lives of others. 

For all us community currency practitioners and free money buffs, we need to go mainstream in the simplest and most direct way,  i.e. we must also be bound by the most relevant and applicable science,  otherwise we risk squandering this unique opportunity by not coming together on all we have in common and insisting in our peculiarities, that is allowing us to be divided and therefore conquerable,  remember any feature we insist on must answer to clear and fully documented requirements and there is no point for us to satisfy the same requirement umpteen ways.  In this regard, the following points are worth considering.

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