MECAS Politics and Movements

The "MECAS" Revolution

Note, those who deploy the "magic bullet" of "The Money PSYOP" ,
are the very ones who invest most in convincing others that there is no magic bullet.

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 5/12/2014

Today, politics and social movements are as profoundly confused as they are active.  They are contaminated by fallacy after fallacy,  key disciplines have proven errant yet they demand respect for their authoritative dictums. The greatest example being economics and finance that in turn, either by direct or indirect means, corrupts other key areas such as law, political science, sociology, psychology and psychiatry and even many hard sciences. What is worse,  is while all this is taking place,  many well intentioned people have become invested in their own incomplete and inconclusive initiatives that makes them reticent to accept other more pragamatic and conclusive ones.

It is in this environment, that the majority are expected to operate a working and meaningful 'democracy', in which they become responsible for the failed politics of a political process that is mounted on confusion and dogmegagoguery and that time after time,  excuses its failures by its protagonsists claiming the great 'complexity' of the task,  that rather than reflect negatively on them for their complete lack of 'realism' glorifies them as sages for being the only ones willing to take on such challenges.   What to do?  Is there a simple rule we can all follow that allows us to evaluate all the noise and extract a clear vision of what to demand and pursue?

It would seem that the best approach would be to impose standards, whereby proposals can be realistically evaluated and hence considered. One such standard is to require that socio econmomic proposals contain clear objectives that are Measurable, Exigent, Constructive, Achievable and Specific or "MECAS" for short.  This would separate the conclusive from the inconclusive and thus require clear and measurable proposals from our political and social movement class,  while eliminating inconclusive and vague excuses for their failures.   It would also force clarity and transparency in those proposals because it would show what measures are truly realisable and which are pure demagoguery or empty dogma. 

Break out of  "The Money PSYOP" and give your kids

a future they can be proud of you for.

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