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The Money PSYOP, strikes at the root of the monetary crisis and exposes it for what it is, a pseudo paradigm that collapses under close scrutiny. If you are looking for a way out of the money matrix read this book.” 

John Ford

Founder of Vermont Currency Commons


“If we could write a simple manual to save the biosphere from the current system that dominates human activity and even humanity as a species, volume 1 would have to consist of this work, that in a concise and precise manner provides a non destructive solution to money, that power that controls us so. There is no more time for doubting only for survival, while you attentively read this book and assuming a swift reading rate, 2400 souls will have perished of hunger, suffering and misery, not by natural causes but because of what has motivated the author to write this book, to solve the key of economic power namely the perturbation and development of the system in the interest of a few..." 

María Katiuska García del Arco

Architect and Urban Designer


“Since my youth, I had the idea that the ‘absolute truth’, the ‘meaning of life’, as well as all the big questions, would in reality have simple and transparent answers. But if I was correct… why then was I unable to find them? The answer to that question is in this book..."

Enrique Mateu

Creator and Entrepreneur

 “When one learns for the first time about loans, conventional money and the financial economy, one experiences an uncomfortable feeling that not all is right... Then, by happy coincidence this book falls into one’s hands, explaining in clear, concise and rigorous terms how one’s suspicions not only were well founded, but that the problem with conventional money is even greater than what one had imagined... Whether you suspect that the current and familiar financial money system has a grave (or even minor) problem in its design, or even if you are convinced that such is not the case, you can’t afford not to read this book. By simply reading its pages, it is possible that without even knowing it, we are establishing the foundation of a human society capable of surviving its own demons.”

Mario A. Pena

Business Developer

“John Kenneth Galbraith once said, that complexity in economics is used to hide the truth rather than unveil it, sadly, reality is proving him right. It is for this, that I consider the reading of this extraordinary synthesis by my good friend Marc, a point of reference for all those contemplating a theory of money based on stability. In this book, Marc reminds us of the true sense of free exchange between human beings, debunking false “certainties” that are accepted daily on blind faith and that dominate our perception of reality and what is worse of ourselves..."

Juan Carlos Sánchez


"In this book, my friend Marc continues a long labouring effort in which he has dedicated years of thought and work to analysing the practices (not to say laws) that dictate the behaviour of money, while proposing logical alternatives that avoid its scarcity and corresponding costs. He has incorporated the work that has gone into multiple proposals of mutual credit systems as local alternatives to these practices and has distilled the essence of their behaviours to finally elaborate a formal framework for their global implementation..."

Dr. Sergio Domínguez

Professor of Control Engineering



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