A Tale Of The Seemingly Innocuous

By Marc Gauvin (c) 19/06/20223

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.


There once was a family who unwittingly let in a tiny seemingly innocuous mouse like creature, that for its size and singular instance little was thought of it and soon the incident forgotten. Meanwhile the mouse frightened hid from them all.

The creature from hiding grew bigger and bigger and with stealth stole more and more of the household food, tore more and more of the linen and spoiled more and more flowers while leaving a more and more wretched odor and stains for others to clean.

The family members became irate as they bemoaned what had become of the home they once had. They formed alliances between them and demanded order be enforced on the others!

Those who cleaned and repaired the damage became intransigent to the rest and demanded servitude and privilege in exchange for keeping the order. All who made errors no matter how small and how few, were blamed for most if not all the many and bigger problems.

Conflict brew and transgressions multiplied to a head, until one morning the youngest infant playfully pulled on a protrusion from under the curtain, not knowing it was a tail! The mouse like creature now of monstrous size, let out a roaring squeak or squeaky roar and ran through and over the room for all to see. On its snout was the evidence of stolen food, on its paws that of ruined flowers and on its fur the threads of ruined linen. Quickly the oldest and wisest in the family rushed to the front door and when the giant mouse ran by, gave it a swift kick and watched it roll into the street and run off away in terror.

Since that day, the house returned to its former order and happiness and never again allowed any tiny mouse like creature to hide in their home for none to see.

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