The Root of Our Collective Death Wish

The devil always keeps its promises,

it is just that when it delivers, it never is what it seemed when we made the contract.

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 2/11/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution is given and original link is provided.

We all are hearing frightening prognoses for the future, an unprecedented collapse of civilization, possible nuclear war and even a new extinction event.   Yet many continue to actively or passively support false notions and beliefs because they appear necessary in light of how the paradigms they create have become the default setting for social interaction.  

The mother of all false paradigms is our current false belief of money being an object of commercial value a notion that is entirely debunked here.  The science and logic is clear, our current concept of value representation is ridiculously absurd and we all will pay an equally ridiculous price for actively or passively accepting it as true.  In fact, it is not even legally tenable see this article.

The problem is how we lap up both the positive and negative prognoses about our financial and economic futures and assume that we must follow through with the consequences of the current money paradigm as if it had some validity or foundation in reality when it clearly doesn't. When we worry about debt and the value of our balances to the point that they affect our personal and collective security we are displaying collective acquired neurosis.  

Now just imagine for a moment that before any complete collapse,  a large majority understood that all contracts underlying the whole system and hence the current predicament are and were invalid in the deepest most absolute sense.  That happens to be the case, our concept of money IS simply untenable, the case to cancel all the contracts then is overwhelming but what does that mean?

Does it mean that those who benefited from the current paradigm have a greater price to pay or that they should be forgiven? I am not sure, we all agreed to sign, didn't we? Particularly when we thought it was to our advantage.  What I do know for sure, is that no logical consequence can follow from a logically invalid proposition. So at the very least, accepting the truth of the absurdity of money can prevent undesirable consequences.

Now, consider what options we have if we choose to ignore the truth and assume that the contracts are valid when they clearly have no basis whatsoever in reality AT ALL.  We can be forgiven for not knowing better but what we can't be forgiven for ignoring or evading truth on purpose, for supporting falsity as a so called "necessary evil",  for manipulating discussion to maintain one's social and privileged 'position' at all cost.  We can't even be forgiven for subverting the truth to reach a greater good, if that greater good never comes to pass or comes to pass for other reasons.

Think about it, do we want to survive knowing that we were instrumental in risking destroying everything particularly when the truth was staring us in the face?  Is this the root of our collective death wish?  There in lies the crux of the matter,  is it that we are being led by a psychopathic class that prefers destroying it all rather than surviving only to own up to their sins? Is it that many of us are doing the same to stay in line with that power class? 

In this regard, I tell my children that you can either view the truth as a tool or as an obstacle and that both the result and price we pay for choosing the latter, is never what we thought it would be at the onset.  That, is the only contract that matters.

We have the solution to the world it is very simple,  our current belief about money simply is false and the only solution is to universally accept that now.  Otherwise, it will be our collective neurosis founded on our false voodoo science of money that will bring us to our demise rather than a valid and logically tenable conclusion of past events. 


Break out of  "The Money PSYOP" and give your kids

a future they can be proud of you for.

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