Greek Debt Crisis Solved

By Marc Gauvin

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Qua ab initio non valent, ex post facto convalescere non possunt. (what initially is invalid cannot be made valid subsequently)

The above is the universal legal principle of validity for contracts in international law.  All Syriza and the rest of us have to do is show that ANY PREMISE in money contracts is invalid and the whole castle of cards comes down.

All we must do,  is prove that the system is false and that can be easily done, see these links as well as those included within them:

Bank of England Economists Evidence Absurdity of Modern Money

A Legal Approach To Cancelling All Current Money Contracts

The Austerity Fallacy


  • Money as an IOU for assets as stated by the Bank of England,  implies that what is owed is a measure of real assets (goods and services) NOT MONEY! 

  • Treating money as an asset subject to market supply and demand destroys its function of measure thus invalidating contracts that require a stable measure to be valid (see fungibility of units in (slides 32-33 of this presentation). 

  • The balance of trade of real goods and services is what matters and that can be measured exactly to reveal a true proportion of debt in goods and services.

  • Once the balance of trade in terms of goods and services has been established,  any outstanding balance of goods and services on any party's behalf can be honoured without much ado within reasonable periods of time.

Syriza must call for a motion of injunction of all enforcement of current money contracts until such time that a strict wholly an integrally logically consistent formal definition of money is provided and only subsequently can any debt issue be addressed.  Note, that the science and logic of Passive BIBO Stability as applied to money and the mathematics of measure provide a fully valid and relevant means for the stable representation of value and that the current industry standard definition (money is all of: a store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account) constitutes a cheap marketing slogan with absolutely no scientific or logical validity whatsoever.  Technically,  such a definition does not provide what is known as a decidable logic with provable and commonly assumed axioms,  meaning that no conclusive logic can be derived from such a definition.  Without logic we have no valid common objective framework from which to determine  any consequential meaning.

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