Inflation? Deflation?

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 02/2015
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Inflation is not an increase in cost with added value, it is an increase in cost without added value.

Scenario 1: People cost on the basis of sweat shop labour and bullshit propaganda and marketing. Then they have a change of heart, they quit the sweat shops and pay everyone decent wages INCLUDING PAYING PROPORTIONAL VALUE ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and they contribute to their home community. They refrain from marketing propaganda using sophisticated crowd psychology the public can't defend itself from. As a consequence the cost of their product goes up and their market decreases. Is that inflation?

Scenario 2: People sell reciprocating everyone with decent value plus social security etc and their product sells to a moderate public on the basis of its quality and utility without marketing. They then decide that they want to sell more and more no matter what it takes, they fire all their people and hire sweat shop workers in the third world, evade contributing to their communities and they propagandise the brains out of everyone. Their market share grows and their cost decreases. Is that deflation?

The point is that it makes no sense to compare different paradigms in terms of the cost of goods and services.  If one paradigm does not reciprocate the value it should it cannot hide behind the virtue of being more competitive and the paradigm that does reciprocate what it should, cannot be labelled "inflationary".

Note that money as currently misrepresented logically is not a valid metric of value nor cost,  see: MSTA Resolutions 


Break out of  "The Money PSYOP" and give your kids

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