Systematic Ego vs The True Commons

By Marc Gauvin

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 "...No one is required to know what they do not or cannot know,  but everyone is required to objectively prove what they assert..." 

The Battle for our minds

How then to determine the genuine from the false?  What is the criteria for establishing what can truly be common to all (i.e. true) and what can never be common to all (i.e. false)?  Note that at any given point in time, what can be true to ALL is not necessarily what determines what will be and what will be is not necessarily the product of what CAN be common to all.  Hence the importance of each of us distinguishing the independent from the dependent and ensuring that what one affirms can truly arise independently of any single "self".  No one is required to know what they do not or cannot know,  but everyone is required to objectively prove what they assert. 

Cornering one's ego

Manifestation of ego is simply the insistence on what is not independent of oneself or others. Surrendering to what is dependent on a self is ego, as it is either an extension of one's own ego or worse,  an extension of another's ego.

Thus, when one affirms that which can be derived independently of any ego then one clearly is not acting out of any ego. This is important to understand, because it allows us to delineate between a truly viable 'common' truth and ego based arguments.

Unfortunately, there are many that are not yet capable of distinguishing between what has been independently derived and what is ego derived. This leads to false accusations or insinuations that what is genuine and truthful is ego 'motivated' and vice versa.  But,  there is an independently derivable test to know the difference and those not willing to subject themselves to that test, thoroughly disqualify themselves from any truth seeking endeavour. 

The Ego test

  1. Does what I assert arise out of myself or from a process independent of myself?

  2. If it is of myself then it is ego based, if it is of a process independent of myself then it is either independent or based on another ego.

  3. If it is based on another ego then it is still ego bound.

Thus, the brokers that are 'true',  only reject what they can prove to be independently wrong and only affirm what can be proven to be independently true. This is what it is to be truly egoless.

Of course one can be egoless and err, but only the egoless are qualified to correct the egoless, the others who deny without proof are themselves acting out of pure ego.  While those who accuse or infer that others are acting out of ego without proof, are systematising their ego or are acting as links in the systematisation of some other ego. 

Thus, it can be shown that the possibility of any collective deliverance,  is contingent on ALL surrendering to what can ONLY be manifest independently of anyone of us,  i.e. ONLY that which can TRULY be common 
to us ALL.


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