Left, left, left right left

By Marc Gauvin

"...a good cop bad cop charade..."

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Well, I think the right and left deserve each other and strongly suggest those who really want to make a difference to avoid being snared by their perverse and inane semantic squabbles. There is nothing to gain from supporting either of them in their contrived and frankly stupid paradigms that only serve as the most repugnant and debasing surrogates of truth and virtue.

We can all unite in spite of their rhetoric and dogmegagoguery, on the basis of simple commonly demonstrable truths we all can be sure of.  But for that, we must fully transcend the great left wing contrivances of discourse controlling pseudo knowledge, while the right wing relishes exploiting the subsequent mayhem as "proof" that the masses cannot be united on the basis of shared knowledge and understanding. 

The left and right are simply a façade of phony diligence and faked earnest concern, sometimes tough, other times reassuring, but always a good cop bad cop cheap charade to keep us distracted from an underlying incessant abuse that works to keep us paralised in a state of apparently irremediable learnt helplessness.

But the antidote to such nonsense comes with the undeniable realisation that any independently demonstrable truth no matter how mundane and simple, cannot deny nor be denied by any other such truth no matter how sophisticated or transcendent. Thus, all and any truth is equally a gateway to the infinite web of truth.  So what matters is not so much what truths we decide to forge in our community but that we decided to commit to unite on truth.  While truth is simple it is not easy as it requires confronting and transforming oneself to acquire or incorporate it,  while the opposite is the case with pseudo knowledge that masks itself with gratuitous "complexity".

This is how we will forge a true and effective union that will overcome the left/right dogmegagoguery being perpetrated savagely and insidiously to divide and conquer our hearts and minds.

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