True Change

By Marc Gauvin

"...Any action that is deemed legal and is conclusive in nature can be undertaken independently of any ballots!"

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All know that I think politics is a circus that only serves to distract us.  But why? How can we get anything done without it?  Isn't politics the only civilised way to exercise collective self government and self determination, etc.?  Let's think a bit about all that.

As I have said on many occasions, true meaningful change can only occur on the basis of conclusive knowledge and direct lawful actions.  Therefore, we don't need to vote on whether or not the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, nor if the materials of the bridge we want to build meet the specified stress requirements.  We don't need to vote to preserve life and dignity nor how, within the law, we defend ourselves from criminal activity, nor to determine what our life work is going to be. 

What then is voting for?  Voting decides on what is inconclusive by nature,  for example while we won't vote on a bridges stress specifications something decided by conclusive scientific, logical and legal criteria, we are "free" to vote on other otherwise inconclusive criteria such as the colour we wish to paint the bridge.   So, it follows that,

any action that is deemed legal and is conclusive in nature can be undertaken independently of any ballots!

Therein lies the key,  in so far as politics, by not clearly differentiating between what is conclusive and what is not, distracts or otherwise prevents us from taking all the conclusive and legal actions we require, it is a circus.  Remember also,  that any existing law can ultimately be challenged in the courts on the basis of fundamental principles of Justice and Law which in order to garner credibility must be based in conclusive knowledge and facts i.e. natural law subject to valid (objective) reasoning and/or logic!

From the above, it should follow that we ought to be free to transform our society directly through conclusive knowledge and lawful action independently of politics.  But, if we haven't exhausted all meaningful conclusive knowledge and lawful actions to solve our problems and we certainly have not, why are we so exclusively focussed on politics as the only means for collectively effecting change?  What is it in our society that renders such lawful conclusive actions effectively inconclusive by requiring approval by ballot!

The answer to this question,  is money and finance, money entirely circumscribes our ability to act not through imperatives of any rich nor poor individuals or collectives, but by a "logic" most everyone has unwittingly assumed to be as immutable as natural law.  A logic that has us limiting our freedom far beyond what would otherwise lawfully be the case.

The question then is,  if and how money adheres to the aforementioned principles of Justice, Law (objectivity, impartiality, logical/rational consistency and natural law (i.e. facts)).  If it doesn't then we must act conclusively and lawfully to correct said logic and do so independently of any ballots!

This is what the Money Systems Transparency Alliance (MSTA) is all about and where it is shown how money is effectively not formally specified anywhere nor logically (i.e. conclusively) determined, with the result being that we are all currently operating on a de facto common notion of money that can only be classified as a misinterpretation

It is for this reason, that politics has become at the very best a side show and in spite of popular belief,  not the ultimate forum for change as for that,  we must first deal with the money issue outside of politics!   For this reason, we need everyone to support the MSTA truly a cause to enable all causes

Break out of  "The Money PSYOP" and give your kids

a future they can be proud of you for by supporting the MSTA


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