Causes, Outcomes and Solutions

By Marc Gauvin

Copyright © 4/02/2021
Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution is given and original link is provided.


Many refer to states such as anarchy, political self-determination or reverting to a pre-civilisation human state as "solutions".  But they are not solutions, they are desired outcomes that require taking certain and different actions to achieve depending on where one finds oneself both individually and collectively.  An individual caught in a trap cannot escape by ignoring the logic of the trap.  That is,  the individual must somehow understand the trap to become free of it, no matter how foreign that logic is to the individual nature.  

Anarchy requires dissolving hierarchy in general and one common error is to assume that hierarchy necessarily is a manifestation of illegitimate and abusive power, a thus constitutes domination.  But that by no means is necessarily the case, take for example a stadium's (central) score board that without affecting how the players play, can transparently keep a common score. Now, if the game happens to somehow be rigged on the field, then giving everyone their own score board and suppressing any "centralised" score board will not correct that rigging, it will just undermine keeping a common score preventing individuals from collectively realising how much the rigging (in the field) is affecting the score.

Keeping score is not the problem if it can be done correctly and fairly. If it cannot be done properly and fairly then by definition it is not score keeping. Humanity's shackles have become the lazy and lackadaisical belief that the score is somehow valid and by that negligence on the part of most everyone no one is looking to see how and why it may be invalid. When one does the science to formally unveil what is wrong, what one discovers is far more precise than any description or label of an outcome and so cannot be delimited by those.

If you are shackled you need to understand the nature of those shackles how they are locked and how they can be broken or unlocked.  Describing and labeling the state of being free of shackles won't do anything to unshackle you and can even be counterproductive if such descriptions are sold as "solutions" when they aren't. Similarly, the other examples speak to the assumed nature of outcomes but do not represent the means to achieve those outcomes appropriately i.e. they are not in and of themselves solutions but the out come of the appropriate solution. 

Now, when we say domination is "the cause", wittingly or not we are saying that domination itself has no relevant cause because if it did,  then "the cause" would be what causes domination not domination itself. If domination is in any way selectively applied, then the conditions in which it is become the root cause of what domination produces.

When we realise this,  then one has to ask whether domination is necessarily wrong and distinguish between when it is legitimate and when it is not. If for example one is caring for someone e.g. a child in a dangerous environment,  domination can be what saves the child from being run down by a bus.  Another case is self defense that requires the ability to dominated in order to protect one self or others. 

A fundamental distinction that is too often overlooked and that arise by not distinguishing between outcomes and the causes that produce them, is the difference between wrong and systemic wrong. The latter is what is lethal because once a wrong becomes systemic then by definition its effect compounds by virtue of wrong + right = wrong. Wrong actions that are not systemic have isolated effects. A nuclear explosion is systemic while a random crime is not. A psychopathic serial killer while being systematic is not systemic because his actions do not induce others to become psychopaths. However, any logical error or erred belief can make people behave as psychopaths when otherwise they wouldn't. Finally if that belief or (il)logic is systemic in nature then the resultant psychopathic behaviour will become system wide even among a predominantly non psychopathic populace. In fact, such can come about by collective error without any need for conspiracy even if psychopaths are enabled by it.






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