Why Passive BIBO Currency is a Life Saver

Marc Gauvin (c) 5/11/2013

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.


We have shown over and over again how our common understanding of what money is and does is incoherent and how because of such logical inconsistency,  we behave within the influence of a powerful Money PSYOP that unfortunately has severed us from the consequences of our financial well being in the most absurd fashion.  The imperative nature of our belief in money as an object of value capable of providing us security under almost any circumstance, is precisely what detracts from diffusing hostility and the discontent that nurtures violence.   It is under such an absurd scenario that we rationalise the need for war and preparing for it,  this again spins out of control in the form of insane arms races that in turn lead us to arm twisting ourselves financially into nuclear energy and all the consequences that comes with it that is discussed here.   All this leads to making the unthinkable colloquial to the degree where investing in death to postpone it and or at least make life most worthwhile for ourselves, seems rational in a matter of fact way.   

This is how we lose sight of the fact that the imperative of maintaining our investment profitable financially represents a motive for defence and military spending that ceases to be about defence but rather is about our financial security and let us be frank,  our financial whims.

In this regard. it is worth noting that should we adopt a logically consistent definition of money,  money itself would cease to act as the irrational catalyst that it is and hence we would not find ourselves participating in the group madness of the military industrial complex at least not in the precisely dislodged and double think fashion as illustrated in the following video.


Please note that most of us are guilty to one or other degree of blindly following the money imperative although the higher up we go, things naturally become more incriminating.   Thus a Passive BIBO Standard of money while providing for our liquidity needs in a much more stable and mundane fashion,  would drastically bring us all closer to what we are according our conscious actions rather than our lofty idealistic verbiage decoupled from the carnage fueled by the "money is value"  imperative.


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