By Marc Gauvin

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You Have Been Served!

Only when the "logical" alternative seems worse, does bullying and the real threat of war become an option for any empire.  Economic collapse is such a dreaded alternative outcome.  The US is in such a situation,  if the promise of "finance" is required to be "honoured",  then the US will not only lose its prominence but its whole economy and current infrastructure will collapse producing mass poverty and misery, not to speak of the devastation of the real prospect of civil war.

All you have to do to see this, is to divide the US $33 trillion public debt by the US population and you get $100,000 per capita debt or $400,000 for a household of four and then calculate the rate of inflation required to offset that debt, you quickly understand how that would bring the economy to tatters and how collapse of the social order and widespread poverty and misery become inevitable. 

Compounding is another term for exponential, literally a doubling per unit of time. While it might seem possible to offset with greater and greater production of value, the reality is that by definition it is unstable and therefore wholly unmanageable not to mention that perpetual growth is simply a pipe dream. The proof is in the pudding,  the US can no longer offset its financial excesses with its industrial and technological prowess, the numbers show that the output has always been unstable (unbounded), hence we have no proof or precedence that it has ever been "manageable". This explains the US recourse to increased bullying and now the real threat of WWIII, likely to become nuclear!

Notice how all this is predicated on the validity of financial contracts and agreements at all levels. But are they valid and what to do if they turn out not to be?  Does the world end?  No and here is why:

Here and at the MSTA, we have unequivocally proven that the very notion of money we ALL use by rote and that therefore underpins all money contracts, constitutes a logical and mathematical absurdity, that we refer to as money's logical core misrepresentation. Simply put, the notion that money can be both a measure/record of value AND an article of trade/commodity is wholly untenable under the scrutiny of formal logic as both concepts are mutually exclusive and logically contradictory.  Since that is necessarily the case, then any pretense of any valid measure within said contracts is categorically denied.  As a direct consequence of this,  all money contracts that assume said misrepresentation or any of its imperatives, must also be unactionable at least in terms of said misrepresentation. 

So, how dose this help us to remove the looming threat of WWIII? 

By recognising the invalidity of the financial promises that threaten destruction of the US, the doomsday alternative no longer serves as a worse alternative to war. This doesn't mean that balance of trade need not be reciprocated, just that the distortion introduced by money's misrepresentation once removed, will enable us doing so with valid stable measures manageable over more  flexibly negotiated periods of time and without the need for the vagaries of "austerity" i.e. managing risk without austerity.  Creditors will gladly accept, because a third world war risks either their subjugation in the case of a US victory,  or in the case of US defeat,  not being able to offset unprecedented damage incurred.   


  • Money in contracts has the function of measure i.e. measure of the value of goods and services. 

  • But treating money also as an asset subject to market supply and demand destroys its function of measure.

  • The balance of trade of the value of real goods and services can be measured* to reveal a truer more realistic "balance of trade".

  • Once a balance of trade in terms of valid (stable) measures of value has been established,  any outstanding balances on the part of any party can be honoured within negotiated periods of time that avoid the need for implementing damaging and debilitating "austerity".

To learn more of how to achieve this and your personal role see: You Have Been Served!

*The science of dynamical systems theory as applied to money,  provides a fully valid and relevant means for defining and specifying stable currency units
for the representation of value over time that economic and financial theory has shown to be incapable of providing. 

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