ITMS (Its The Money Stupid)

By Marc Gauvin (c) 3/2/2014

Reproduction expressly granted provided attribution and original link are given.

So now that reputable psychiatrists (see link above) are showing how the drug <=> depression relationship is money based.  These prominent scientists still scratch their heads asking why their critiques of the relationship don't reduce big pharma's sales!

Well we got news for them, ITMS (Its the money stupid).  An irrational money system sold as "science" that constantly slips under scientists radar as they question its effects, is proof of what a magnificent drug money is!

The only cure for depression is good food, rest, appropriate activities, lots of love and understanding,  that we have known for ages.  But what the psychiatric profession has done is take healthy responses to an insane money driven social context and labelled them disease.  Then, when they can't find any natural cures for these new diseaes, because there just aren't any other than reversing money but then and according to our hypnotic money programmed world view, that would destroy everyone's livelihood, they drug everyone!

This Money PSYOP problem is rampant and now affects all scientific domains the Money PSYOP is the root of all that is unwholesome because it is simply false.  How long can we continue playing out a life choreography based on nonsense and feel fulfilled?   We need to rekindle our relationship with ourselves by removing false paradigms that direct us by fear and coercion,  only then will we be free to do what we need when we need rather than fuelling need by doing what we don't need to fulfil arbitrary needs imposed by money.

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