Liquidity Liberation in 5 Steps

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A way out of the current economic crisis/impasse, is for the 99% to directly adopt a new free and open PASSIVE BIBO STABLE STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR MONEY (LIQUIDITY) THAT ANYONE MAY HAVE ACCESS TO ANYWHERE ANY TIME.

To understand how absurd the current world de facto system is and therefore how ludicrous the current “debt” crisis is, all we have to do is understand how just as it would be absurd to impose a central system for the issuance of meters, kilos, miles or kilometres treating these as scarce commodities, so too it is equally absurd to impose limited access to money in order to measure value with.

Scientific and Legal Rationale:

The entire current world economic financial belief system is based on the patently false assertion that money can be an objective unit of measure of value while at the same time itself being a scarce commodity of a variable value, measured in terms of itself! This is tantamount to measuring a meter at varying values of the meter e.g. 1 meter = 0.8 meter today and who knows what it will be tomorrow. This is an entirely absurd premise, essentially the summing of unlike objects (apples and oranges, yards and meters, today’s dollar with yesterdays), yet it is this definition that is the foundation of our current de facto standard financial system and indeed is the root source of great arbitrarily unnecessary social and economic malaise.

Thus and on the basis of a mere cursory review of the mathematics underlying the notions of “stability”, "measure" and "addition", the circular logic of money measuring its own variable value over time, serves to discredit all of contemporary financial and economic "wisdom" rendering it entirely invalid mathematically, scientifically and according to most legal doctrines that determine whether or not a given money based contract can be formed and/or feasibly performed, it would also be legally invalid.

By applying interest the false notion that 100 units are worth 100 plus more as a function of time, introduces an impossible statement into money contracts.  

Principal Debt = Collateral Value

Collateral Value= Debt

Debt = Principal + Interest (interest > 0)

The above constitutes a false syllogism and therefore an impossible statement.   Furthermore, there is no scientific rationale nor algorithm known to science to objectively determine any interest rate and therefore it is entirely arbitrary. Thus, the principle of cui bono along with all the legal doctrines that invalidate contracts or their formation (impossibility, impracticability, misrepresentation and non-est-factum, contra proferentem, duress and undue influence) must apply to all contracts that include the above false syllogism and equate a variable value to money with respect to fixed goods or services over time. As a consequence, all current “money lending” contracts based on simple or compound interest, are either invalid or non-performable according to mathematics and physical science sustaining thus the application of the aforementioned legal doctrines.

All the above provides a solid basis for justifying undertaking the following 5 Step Free Liquidity Revolution with the clear objective of providing a stable standard currency so that all and any economic agents may enjoy immediate and unfettered access to liquidity anywhere, anytime and for any transaction.

Liquidity Liberation in 5 Steps:

Step 1

Adopt the Passive BIBO Currency standard specification for money and @ unit (reference value of 1/10 of an unskilled human hour).

Step 2

Appoint trusted agents to record transactions and individual balances in strict adherence to the Passive BIBO Specification and unit. This can be offered as a service that can be set up and run by any trusted, responsible and certified members of your community paid in @ units.

Step 3

Perform as many transactions as possible using the @ unit.

Step 4

Demand all levels of government to adopt, support and implement the Passive BIBO Standard for all public expenditures and projects and to reduce and eventually eliminate all accounting in the current de facto standard.

Step 5

Actively demand the rescission of all contracts based on the flawed simultaneous treatment of money as both a unit of measure of value as well as a commodity of variable value measured in terms of itself.



The Great Fukushima Reactor 4 Deal

tic toc tic toc ticks the clock.. 15,000 Hiroshimas due any moment (Reactor 4 spent fuel rods) meanwhile thanks to the elites' Money PSYOP humanity gropes to finance saving itself from itself. 

A simple project for providing certifiably unequivocally stable and abundant financing for the

dry storage of spent fuel rods from Fukushima Reactor 4 and elsewhere for that matter.

A Passive BIBO Currency Initiative


Marc Gauvin BSc.

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Note:  To fully grasp the Passive BIBO Currency proposal, you need to understand the exact definition of stability  and more specifically Passive BIBO stability.  This is not difficult to grasp by anyone, but by the same token it is not at all equivalent to how the word is used by economists, financial experts and politicians.  Even many engineers who do understand often take compensation of instability as equivalent to stability.  However with regards to the logical definition of currency systems and currency units,  such informal use of terminology can be fatal.  To get a layman’s review of stability as applied to money look here.

If you are not convinced that money is the problem you need to read The Money PSYOP here.

Since my original post more than a year ago,  we are getting dangerously closer to nuclear armagedon see this video.


Renowned nuclear energy expert Arnie Gundersen, regarding reactor 4 at Daichi Fukushima:  “Uhhmm the biggest problem is money,  they really need about a half a trillion dollars” (see the full video here.)

Money?  Money? Money? Read on.... but first a little story..

One human escapes the Reactor 4 Fukushima disaster on a space ship and lands on another planet.  There,  while talking to one inhabitant,  he discovers that in order to be able to measure things like the length of their living rooms or a sheet of paper,  all have to go down town into certain buildings and sit in front of a bored looking people to negotiate permission to use a certain ration of units of length.   Everyone is scared to death to use too many units in fear of running out and not getting permission to use any others and if they get caught trying to duplicate any,  they are thrown into jail and rarely ever are permitted to measure again.  If that is not bad enough,  the units change length all the time and mafias monopolise the largest ones.  What a mess!   Needless to say,  little works well,  most live in unfinished houses, sleep on uneven beds and a lot of people die everyday just by using uneven stairs. 

Upon hearing this,  our human friend cut in and explained with a glee of superior technical acumen:  "Well you know that on my planet,  we didn't have that problem,  we all used stable meters to measure length and people carried their own in their pockets,  without having to borrow them and no one had to ask permission to use them,  all they had to do is to flip the ruler over and over again as much as they needed.  Don't you see,  what was important was the measure not whether you could or could not measure".   The extraterrestrial then asked: "Really,  that makes a lot of sense,  what happened to your planet then?  "Well.." the human continued, " ..we had this unit called money and it measured economic value and to get any you had to make a visit to certain buildings and sit in front of unimaginative people and negotiate a ration,  the units changed value all the time and...... we had this nuclear energy disaster and no one could find any units to measure the value of saving ourselves from ourselves." 

Passive BIBO Currency,  is based on the science that proves that money can be defined to be just as stable as a ruler and why allowing everyone access to as many units as they need,  without asking a bunch of unimaginative people permission,  is utterly harmless with no impact on stabilty.  In fact,   the more freely everyone uses the unit the more precise it becomes.   Passive BIBO Currency separates the functional scope of measuring wealth from that of governing the economy.  To mix the two, by rationing units as a means of control, is like blinding people to make them take more care not to bump into one another. 

As usual, those that “run the world” through the failed "science" of contemporary finance "theory”  are once again fumbling the ball as we speak.  But this time, it appears that the short term survival of life on earth lies in the balance.  It is claimed that in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, Japan and the world at large are now faced with the threat of an imminent nuclear disaster of untold proportions.  Essentially and due to the damage of the earthquake and tsunami,  the water for the cooling of the stored spent fuel rods in the upper floors of reactor 4 is susceptible to being drained out at any moment.  If such were to occur, the result would be a nuclear fire that would bring about in the order of between 8 and 80 or so Chernobyl disasters.  In short, the end of life on earth as we have known it, beginning with the annihilation of life in the northern hemisphere.   For more details on these claims follow the links at the bottom of the page.

So, all those that have watched their personal fortunes multiply tens, hundreds and thousands of times beyond their real physical and measurable contributions and accepted the conventional rationale that they somehow deserve it, now will have to come to grips with the fact that the principles they have (blindly) accepted to amass such absurd and surrealistic quantities of wealth, are the very same principles that dictate that the fastest and most efficient pooling of material and human resources to resolving the immediate threat of a planetary nuclear holocaust, simply is not affordable because there just isn’t enough money to pay for it!  

Reality according to math, control systems engineering and information technology tells another story, which is spelled out here the home of the world’s first formal open standard specification for a robustly Passive BIBO stable currency that is unlimitedly abundant, accessible to all and that doesn’t need uncle Freddie’s permission to use.  

The irrefutable conclusions demonstrate that scarcity of units of currency not only is absurd from a logical and scientific perspective but that it is completely irrelevant to the issue of stability of financial and economic systems.   It has only been due to our social conditioning through subtle coercion and fear mongering that we have accepted conventional economic precepts as a scientific reality worthy of being followed and indeed obeyed. 

But closer scrutiny of the supposed “science” of finance and economics, shows that all of conventional financial wisdom is incomprehensible nonsense, masked by circular logic that is so elaborate that most are left assuming that it must all somehow make sense.  But as we all can see now and some of us for quite a while, it doesn’t work and never made any sense at all. 

Never underestimate the power of assumption, give people an impossible riddle, incapacitate their ability to reason by introducing a false premise as a clue and then tell them that they better decide quickly or they will miss the bus to happiness and security,  chances are they will assume that whatever answer you give them is the right one, and they will feel vindicated if the charade putters on long enough for them not to be shown up as stooges.   That is pretty much how most have rationalised buying into our mortgage contracts,  the absurdity of which is succinctly explored here  and more completely here.  The heart of this false belief system lies in the absurd operative definition of money as both a unit of measure as well as a scarce commodity of variable value!  If that is not insane enough, the so called financial Gurus believe that spending one’s life trying to measure the value of a variable unit in terms of itself is somehow meaningful!    

So and in spite of the dire challenge we are faced with, given the precarious state of Fukushima reactor 4  that dwarfs all and any of the inane pet issues that our failed political and economic classes are concerned with,  there is the timely (we hope) contribution to the world of a free and stable currency standard that can provide all the required liquidity to represent all and any transactions that anyone needs and desires without becoming correspondingly unstable.  More particularly transactions required for securing the Fukushima spent fuel storage and thus avoid imminent annihilation of life. 

It was the very stupidity of our psychopathic economic system that fabricated the need for unbounded energy as a perceived reality in the first place.  This was achieved by precluding social and economic stability through the artificial imposition of the requirement for perpetual growth through arbitrary debt growth by interest.   Such a requirement is and always was a lie, the option for a comfortably sustainable zero and even negative growth with no adverse affects on anyone’s quality of life, is and always has been a feasible option,  only made to appear aa sign of doom by our blind adherence to the current false money paradigm. 

To understand what I am saying, consider how producing 3 times what is required in one year,  does not mean that if in the next year equal or less is produced anyone is at risk.   In spite of contemporary economic wisdom and light of Fukushima, we have no choice but to forge ahead with an economy that can accelerate, decelerate and cruise as needed without wasting time to ask permission at every transaction.  Right now, we are decelerating the economy exactly when we need to accelerate it to attenuate the threat of nuclear destruction.

So the good news is that we have finally found the disaster that will allow us (we hope) to overcome the current false "science" of money by realising that for this disaster there exists an immediate rational financial solution.  

But wait!  That is not all!  With this one in a lifetime offer, you not only get your best chance of avoiding a planetary nuclear holocaust, but as an added bonus, you get a definite solution to the current financial quagmire, for ever and ever.

That is,  if we can finance the stabilisation of Fukushima reactor 4 spent fuel rods in a feat of unprecedented engineering before the slightest earth tremor brings it down and ends life on earth without destabilising the currency unit,  then we can finance anything we need for all of humanity’s future.   To start with, how about providing dry cassing for all the other spent fuel rods in similar precarious storage all over the world.

So what can you do to help set up a secure implementation of Passive BIBO Standard of money?

1.  Because of the technical roots of the Passive BIBO Currency claims i.e. strict control system’s definition of stability, we call on all scientists and engineers to at the very least bear witness to the technical verity of the Passive BIBO Currency proposal.

2.   Explain and share this information to as many people as possible so that everyone understands why Passive BIBO Currency is a truly viable technical solution.

3.  Send an email in support of our efforts and get added to our distribution list if you want to follow the development and implementation of the worlds’ first Passive BIBO Stable Currency open standard specification.

4.    In light of the tremendous personal effort already being made to get the word out,  not to mention the cost of getting this system up and running (soon to come),  any contribution in technical services, economic/financial or logistic support will be very well appreciated,  your progeny will thank you for ever (we hope).

I think that it is clear that we don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to create and implement a robustly stable currency system in order to finance the stabilisation of Fukushima using our own brains, knowledge, effort and resources.  So let’s just do it, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by working together and paying ourselves in scientifically stable units and thus avoid all of us becoming wax statues on a very hot summer day with no air conditioning.

Learn about the Fukushima threat here:

Arnie Gundersen: Video 1 , Video 2 ,  Arnie Gundersen web

Japanese Diplomat Akio Matsumura:  Video ,  Akio Matsumura web
Michio Kaku: Video

To learn more about Passive BIBO Currency go here.

Please support our work and donate what you can, until such time that enough of us have access to Passive BIBO stable currency accounts,  we have to continue using the conventional illusory rubber ruler stuff  here







Can you see the flaw? 


The above argument simply states the premises A=B and B=C and then makes the statement C=A+D.   But if A=B=C, then

clearly A=C and C=A+D is false, unless of course D=0.




So what? You might be asking what’s the big deal?  Bear with me as you try this on for size:




Debt=Principal + Interest! 


Now that is a big deal, right?  


All current money contracts are centred on such flawed logic and according to several legal doctrines, they ALL are invalid. Because the collateral cannot be equal to both “Principal” AND “Principal + Interest”!


So there you have it, money contracts containing such a false syllogism are invalid and they represent the current system. And if the syllogism were to be corrected, then that means that the system would be too!


Check Mate!!!!


Only a Passive BIBO Stable Currency corrects the syllogism so that:












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