Liquidity Liberation in 5 Steps

Copyright © December 29, 2011



A way out of the current economic crisis/impasse, is for the 99% to directly adopt a new free and open PASSIVE BIBO STABLE STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR MONEY (LIQUIDITY) THAT ANYONE MAY HAVE ACCESS TO ANYWHERE ANY TIME.

To understand how absurd the current world de facto system is and therefore how ludicrous the current “debt” crisis is, all we have to do is understand how just as it would be absurd to impose a central system for the issuance of meters, kilos, miles or kilometres treating these as scarce commodities, so too it is equally absurd to impose limited access to money in order to measure value with.

Scientific and Legal Rationale:

The entire current world economic financial belief system is based on the patently false assertion that money can be an objective unit of measure of value while at the same time itself being a scarce commodity of a variable value, measured in terms of itself! This is tantamount to measuring a meter at varying values of the meter e.g. 1 meter = 0.8 meter today and who knows what it will be tomorrow. This is an entirely absurd premise, essentially the summing of unlike objects (apples and oranges, yards and meters, today’s dollar with yesterdays), yet it is this definition that is the foundation of our current de facto standard financial system and indeed is the root source of great arbitrarily unnecessary social and economic malaise.

Thus and on the basis of a mere cursory review of the mathematics underlying the notions of “stability”, "measure" and "addition", the circular logic of money measuring its own variable value over time, serves to discredit all of contemporary financial and economic "wisdom" rendering it entirely invalid mathematically, scientifically and according to most legal doctrines that determine whether or not a given money based contract can be formed and/or feasibly performed, it would also be legally invalid.

By applying interest the false notion that 100 units are worth 100 plus more as a function of time, introduces an impossible statement into money contracts.  

Principal Debt = Collateral Value

Collateral Value= Debt

Debt = Principal + Interest (interest > 0)

The above constitutes a false syllogism and therefore an impossible statement.   Furthermore, there is no scientific rationale nor algorithm known to science to objectively determine any interest rate and therefore it is entirely arbitrary. Thus, the principle of cui bono along with all the legal doctrines that invalidate contracts or their formation (impossibility, impracticability, misrepresentation and non-est-factum, contra proferentem, duress and undue influence) must apply to all contracts that include the above false syllogism and equate a variable value to money with respect to fixed goods or services over time. As a consequence, all current “money lending” contracts based on simple or compound interest, are either invalid or non-performable according to mathematics and physical science sustaining thus the application of the aforementioned legal doctrines.

All the above provides a solid basis for justifying undertaking the following 5 Step Free Liquidity Revolution with the clear objective of providing a stable standard currency so that all and any economic agents may enjoy immediate and unfettered access to liquidity anywhere, anytime and for any transaction.

Liquidity Liberation in 5 Steps:

Step 1

Adopt the Passive BIBO Currency standard specification for money and @ unit (reference value of 1/10 of an unskilled human hour).

Step 2

Appoint trusted agents to record transactions and individual balances in strict adherence to the Passive BIBO Specification and unit. This can be offered as a service that can be set up and run by any trusted, responsible and certified members of your community paid in @ units.

Step 3

Perform as many transactions as possible using the @ unit.

Step 4

Demand all levels of government to adopt, support and implement the Passive BIBO Standard for all public expenditures and projects and to reduce and eventually eliminate all accounting in the current de facto standard.

Step 5

Actively demand the rescission of all contracts based on the flawed simultaneous treatment of money as both a unit of measure of value as well as a commodity of variable value measured in terms of itself.


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